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Kerry Mockery & Other Political Shenanigans, Page One
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NEW June 11, 2004  He defeated the Communists. Will you defeat the Democrats. Well, will you? Again, I hope it's not too soon for these kinds of graphics.
NEW June 11, 2004  The harmless, noisy lap dog of rich women.
NEW June 9, 2004  Kerry Campaign Position Printer. One thing one day, something else the next. Sometimes that day!
NEW June 9, 2004  This Fall, Win One For the Gipper. I hope it's not too soon for something like this. A little motivation for the troops.
NEW June 1, 2004  There was an Andy Griffith Show marathon on local television this weekend. Somehow, I knew I had to work Barney into the Kerry campaign.
NEW June 1, 2004  I love this photo. Someone had already replaced "Lennon" with "Lenin," so I just went for silly instead.
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NEW May 29, 2004  Kerry unexpectedly met Bush today. The Bush campaign keeps on rolling on.
NEW May 29, 2004  John Kerry is The Metrosexual. I had to do something with that picture.
The French Terror Alert Chart. Original idea courtesy of Junkyard Blog. I just tweaked it a little bit and added the part about the women.
Victory depends on you, American Blogger! We can't depend on the national media to give us the full and honest picture, can we? So get posting, OK? Blogging = Knowledge = Victory!
Sometimes I get a bit overly patriotic.
Feel free to use this one anywhere, but please give credit. Don't link directly to the image, though, as it costs me. Thank you!
A certain Tennessee Freeper lady prodded me to make this one. Glad to oblige.
Same idea, different execution.
Please, if you like these graphics and can spare it, help to keep this website running by donating. All contributions welcomed. Thank you.
I was going to do Bush handing Kerry his ass on a platter, but who wants to see that? Eww.
Senator Voldemort and the Chamber of Secrets
"I got your flyswatter right here!
Condi goes off on Richard Ben-Veniste.
Wouldn't they make a lovely couple?
I must have been smoking crack when I did this. Bush, the controversial "Mission Accomplished" banner, and the video screen from Apple's 1984 ad, with an all-seeing eye thrown in for good measure. Like I said, I don't know what I was thinking.
President Bush in his flight suit.
C' know you wish he'd done it.
Close The Curtain On This Freakshow.
Here's hoping America's military, and the world's eventually, can end this chapter of Middle Eastern terrorism. I'm not entirely happy with this one and may redo it one day. The terrorists behind the flag aren't real clear.
"Hamas officials announced this weekend a short delay in their search for a new leader, in the wake of repeated Israeli assassinations. They expect to 'dig one up' soon."
Best of luck to the next guy.
You know he can do it, too. He's rich. (Sorry for the language in this one.)
"Mm-hmm. That's right. Look at it. You know what they say, don't you?"
Sorry, I couldn't help myself with this one. Some photographer's subconscious took control.
A campaign poster for the Kerry team. I'm not sure how many got the joke linking EarthFirst! terrorists with Kerry's Middle Eastern War on Terror approach. Moved here from another page.

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